First-years vote in students’ union representatives, rounding out council

After a close race between the many North Side, South Side and First-year Representative candidates, the 2014-2015 council is full.

Colton O’Shea and Tina Oh now fill the first-year representative positions on council. Brian Tulle was voted in as North side councillor, joining councillors Jen Frail and Madeline Stewart. Tierra Stokes and upper-year student Osama Al Nammary were voted in to represent the South Side residences, joining councillor James Gorman.

“I am so excited to be on council this year,” O’Shea said. “I knew when coming here that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and my academics.”

Oh said she’ll be forthright in her approach towards council participation.

“I was voted in by first years on the merits of who I am,” Oh said. “If something needs to be said in council, I’m not afraid to say it.”

North Side councillor Tulle has said he wants to “do whatever is in the best interest of North Side” in council meetings. Tulle expressed interest in improving communication of events, creating advertising that people “can’t just scroll past.”

Of this weekend’s annual council retreat, Tierra Stokes said she’s “excited to learn more about some of the long term goals of council and talk with the [executives] one-on-one.” Stokes also said she wants to focus on student engagement this year because “that’s what we’re here for.”

South Side Councillor and third-year Mt. A student Osama Al Nammary will bring his university experience to council.

He plans to get involved in mental health issues and communications.

The voter turnout was 42.3 percent for first year representative, 49.2 percent for North side councillor, and 50.2 percent for South side councillor.

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