On breaking into the theatre business with Presents: the Improv founder, Michelle Hart The most difficult part of any career path isn’t deciding exactly what it is you want to do, it’s having the guts to follow through with it. Just ask Michelle Hart, who graduated from Mt. A in 2014 and has been in […]

Students lose nearest convenience store on the north end of campus while pub remains open Students returned this year to find Sackville lacking a familiar establishment on the corner of King and Main. Formerly known as Sassy’s Convenience Store and Pub, the shop closed its doors this June. However, the bar and the take-out menu […]

The world’s longest and most confusing tornado preparedness PSA Time for another exposé to show you conformist masses how terrible your movie opinions really are. This week I’m talking about the “seminal” and “revolutionary” hunk of burning trash that is The Wizard of Oz. Strike 1: The lack of continuity was APPALLING. Was I the […]

BREAKING NEWS Hello once again, sheeple. This week’s message will be short and sweet, as we write it in Morse code under a faulty lighting fixture from an undisclosed panic bunker. It appears that our alien guests haven’t left Sackville yet, so no truth bombs will be dropped this week. We do have knowledge of […]

Students attend series of workshops and lectures to improve job-seeking skills Students were given the chance to glimpse into the mind of a hiring committee last week. From Oct. 2 to 5, the annual Career Week took place to help students locate employment opportunities. The program is offered by Mt. A career services and is […]

The Mount Allison community was saddened last month by the passing of the Rev. Eldon Hay, professor emeritus. The funeral service for Prof. Hay was held in the University Chapel to an overflow gathering of mourners – a testimony to Prof. Hay’s life and legacy among many communities, including Mt. A, the United Churches in […]

Sleep hygiene explained The practices and habits that give you good sleep quality and complete alertness during the day are called “sleep hygiene.” Being aware of your sleep hygiene and finding a routine that works can have positive effects on your overall quality of life. According to a 2015 study published in the Journal of […]