Sassy’s closes shop, changes pub ownership

Students lose nearest convenience store on the north end of campus while pub remains open

Students returned this year to find Sackville lacking a familiar establishment on the corner of King and Main. Formerly known as Sassy’s Convenience Store and Pub, the shop closed its doors this June. However, the bar and the take-out menu remain.

The new owner of Sassy’s Pub, Cuc Tong, said that the owner of the building “is trying to sell the whole building, so that’s why the store closed.” She also said that there are several potential buyers, but no concrete ideas for what the new business might be.

Sassy’s pub doors still open. Will Balser/Submitted

The loss of the convenience store has made student’s lives slightly more difficult – it was the only place near the north side of campus to purchase snacks and drinks. Third-year student Matthew Thompson, who resides in Harper, remarked that students on the north side now need to “use the vending machine, make a trek downtown or walk to the Irving” to satisfy their snack cravings. Thompson said that the store was especially important during exam season.

Off-campus students also felt the loss of one of the few retail stores in town. Fifth-year student Gultaj Sangha, who once lived on King Street, said, “Having the convenience store was optimal because it was a short walk down the road from where we lived, and before going into campus, we would grab a bite to eat or stock up for the library.”

Both students expressed surprise and excitement when told that the food menu was still available at the bar, something which many in town are currently unaware of. Sassy’s still welcomes students and town residents, and, if you’re of age, provides a quiet ambient location for a snack and a drink. The only change to the building is the lack of a convenience store. Further developments could occur in the future if the building changes hands.

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