An inside look at Motyer-Fancy’s first show of the season What do you get when you cross coin-tossing, a travelling troupe of gender-bending actors and Hamlet? You get Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, running next week at the Motyer-Fancy Theatre. In anticipation of opening night, I sat down with Decima Mitchell, the show’s […]

Dawn broke, casting beams of light through the thick fog that hung about Lincolnshire. The townsfolk tossed and turned in their beds, their dreams infiltrated by images from the previous day’s horror. They saw strange things: lederhosen-clad men covered in blood, walking schnitzels begging for adoption, planes smashing through their roofs. Ralph hadn’t even tried […]

Excessive time spent online can negatively effect student mental health We live in a culture where it is normal to mindlessly scroll through social media feeds during times of idleness – like when we’re sitting on the toilet or waiting for toast to pop. Many of us already know that this habit does not support our […]

Wuz poppin gang, it’s ya boy Trill, back at it again with tha fresh tips. Sorry about no Trill’s Tips last week – I spent most of last week drunk, hungover and bursting at the seams with turkey, so all I was able to write was illegible scrawlings. Anyway, I’m back and this week I’m […]

Sackville’s celebration of the LGBT2Q+ continues to grow in inclusivity On Oct. 12, students, faculty and community members gathered in front of the Mount Allison Chapel to celebrate Sackville’s third annual Pride Parade. The first speaker was Melody Petlock, Mt. A’s SHARE (Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education Services) advisor. She spoke on how […]

Forms will be available through a third party system instead of the previous paper format Teacher evaluation forms have been moved from paper to an online format. The forms will be available through a third party in Montreal called eXplorance. Though the forms themselves have not changed, the altered platform has received mixed reviews from […]

Building Indigenous spaces provides essential educational pathways toward reconciliation This past weekend, Mount Allison students and local elders built an Indigenous longhouse in the academic quad to visually represent reconciliation. Part of Decolonizing Methodologies, a third-year sociology course taught by Prof. Chris George, this event provided an opportunity for the students to learn Indigenous teachings […]