Mt. A Classics Society hosts all-ages Archeology Day Archeology Day has happened! The Classics Society’s big day focused on bringing together interested people of all ages to participate in a fun day full of activities and archeological education. Many booths were set up with themed crafts and games. Notably, there were a few small children […]

Within wonder, here our golden land lies. Thrice these three kings, grandly bid by gold sun, Are, in fairest gold each, coronated. Gifts by Phoebus graced and Phoebus shielded That soon are dwarfed twicewise by what follows: The first will come, welcome, liquid and gold; In engulfing decadence do they drown.   They lie still […]

Have you ever seen a slasher flick? They all follow a fairly typical formula: Our protagonist (or final girl, as they’re known in the genre) is always a chaste Good Girl. She’s a better person than her friends because she’s a babysitter. Her friends are into sex and drinking. They die because they’re Bad People […]

Alumnus Landon Braverman on climbing from copy work to composing with Broadway stars Since moving to New York City to compose musical theatre, Mt. A alumnus Landon Braverman has worked with Broadway legends, workshopped a musical and “discovered my Canadian-ness in a stronger way.” I spoke on the phone with him to learn more about […]

Two local writers visit Mount Allison to discuss personal hardships in their literary collections The library theatre played host to an intimate reading on Wednesday, Oct. 18. Emerging local authors Kerry Lee Powell and Kayla Geitzler came to address a receptive crowd with readings from their recent works. The theatre allowed for a personal feel […]