TNB’s new show to play last tour stop in Sackville “Did you notice that everything in this town is named after ducks? Like the café down the street. The Black Duck? And this bar we’re in? Ducky’s?” On Monday, Mount Allison audiences can expect more location-based monologues – not all duck-themed – in the Theatre […]

Running in the nineteenth Firefox tab of a computer near you Welcome back, dear readers, to your weekly glimpse of the real (i.e. not fake AF) news. If you have a brain and any quality resembling wokedness, you may have noticed some strange occurrences in our world today. From computer science “professors” using Internet Explorer […]

Issues of accessibility and diversity discussed at Presently Engaged: Social Sciences Roundtable This week at Mount Allison, experts in the field of disability engaged students in a conversation about accessibility. The conversation was hosted on Oct. 20 at the University’s second annual Presently Engaged: Social Sciences Discussions. The roundtable hosts social scientists with backgrounds in […]

Welcome back to hell, friends. It’s ya boy, Trill, comin’ atcha from my biopsych class, where I’ve decided not to take notes, and instead jot some tips down for my loving admirers. A lot of people have asked me for tips on the same topic. This topic is… (drum roll please) DATING! How do you […]

From the archives brings you old news today. As time passes, the news we report on changes, as does the way we report on it. Conversely, we’ve been covering some of the same issues since 1872. As Halloween draws ever nearer, we reflect on the haunting legends of Ethel Peake. This story from 1972 investigates […]

Tenea Welsh is a fourth-year honours student in the department of psychology. “I am very fortunate to be working with Dr. Belke this year. For my thesis, we have been training rats to run on fixed interval schedules in which the rats get a drop of sugar water for running during an interval of time. […]

International students eligible for provincial medicare On Oct. 6, the province of New Brunswick announced that post-secondary international students now have access to provincial medicare coverage. Before the changes, international students at Mt. A were required to purchase the $650 International Student Medical Coverage from the MASU. Provincial medicare means the international students can save […]

This Saturday, Oct. 28, will be the last time this year the Sackville farmer’s market can be found at the Bill Johnstone Memorial Park. The market will be moving to their new indoor location, the Sackville Commons and Coworking space, for the upcoming winter months. As of Nov. 4, the market vendors will be located […]

Mounties remain positive despite winless record, lack of recruitment and funding challenges The Mount Allison men’s lacrosse team is not out on the field to win a championship. Despite the team’s struggle to find a win in the past couple of seasons, they continue to find enough players to make a team. Nick Scott, co-captain […]