From the archives brings you old news today. As time passes, the news we report on changes, as does the way we report on it. Conversely, we’ve been covering some of the same issues since 1872. Unsurprisingly, the late nineteenth century was not immune to moral panic about kids being too overwhelmed to think critically […]

President Campbell makes statements on Colten Boushie, new Mi’kmaq flag and marijuana President Campbell opened the university senate meeting on Feb. 13 by stating his support of Universities Canada’s response to the verdict of Colten Boushie’s case. Universities Canada’s statement reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to “fostering a renewed relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in […]

Mountie’s co-captain is a fourth-year forward Over the course of the past four years, the basketball culture at Mount Allison has changed drastically from being a middle-of-the-pack conference team to a contender. As a co-captain and a senior, Kellan Duke has been part of the journey from where the Mounties were to where they are […]

Finding a place for sugar in a healthy and balanced diet Numerous studies have shown an association between sugar consumption and increased cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. These findings have sparked a reduction in or elimination of sugar intake in some individuals’ diets. However, not all sugar needs to be avoided. Sugar is a crystalline […]

Team headed to nationals despite limited funds The Mount Allison women’s curling team is not a team that gets much attention on campus. In fact, many students have not heard of them at all as they do not participate in a league, and instead play casually on their own here in Sackville. Before reading week, […]

Yes, 96 per cent of Canadians believe all sexual activities should be consensual, but only one in three Canadians actually understand what giving consent means, according to a 2015 study from the Canadian Women’s Foundation. What is consent? Consent is permission for something to happen, or an agreement to do something. It is required when […]

Instead of advocating for a tax on sugar that would disproportionately impact low-income Canadians, here is a handy list of things that anyone can do to actually help low-income people gain access to fresh food and an active lifestyle, as well as recognize that health is a deeply personal and complicated concept. 1. Self-educate about […]