Mounties and Sackville residents fundraise $550 for cancer research It was a warm and sunny Sunday morning that saw 25 participants gather at the Mount Allison Student Centre to begin a five- or 10-kilometre run, walk or bike. Sackville’s 36th annual Terry Fox Run raised about $550 for cancer research. Terry Fox, now a Canadian […]

It doesn’t matter if you experienced sexual violence just last night or a year ago, SHARE is here to help. SHARE is our on-campus sexual violence response and education resource. At Mount Allison, we are lucky to have a dedicated SHARE Advisor, Melody Petlock. Melody has a background in social work and many years of […]

Mt. A athletes discuss making the switch to plant-based diets Competitive athletics are often associated with heavy diets that mainly consist of high-protein meat and animal products. Some Mount Allison athletes have been making the switch to vegetarian and vegan diets, meeting their dietary needs without consuming meat. Fourth-year biochemistry student Elizabeth Baker began following […]

Health Matters Society will provide free water bottles at Homecoming My name is Emilie Comfort and I’m the Mount Allison health intern this year. I am a fourth-year student completing a bachelor of science with a major in psychology and a minor in chemistry.  In my position, I work closely with the Wellness Centre’s registered […]

Mt. A to host regional championships Mount Allison’s Ultimate season has just begun, but unlike other sports with shorter seasons, it won’t end until April. As a small club team, the Ultimate team does not receive funding, nor do they have priority on turf time. The team accommodates by holding two practices per week at […]

The end of September has snuck up on many of us as we ease into a new academic year. At the Argosy, we’ve been settling into our new roles, too. We’re happy to be back in our dusty old office to bring you the first fall issue of the Argosy’s 148th volume. If you’ve been […]

A new trend occurring in domestic abuse cases, with smart home technology at the centre Smart home technology is designed to increase comfort, security and control for those who use it, but this is not always the case. Smart home technology allows users to control features of their home remotely through an app connected to […]

Globalization was the buzzword of the Clinton era, the 1990s. The world was changing, and we were becoming more and more aware of ways in which the world was being understood differently. As New York Times writer Thomas Friedman captured in his book titles The World is Flat and Hot, Flat, and Crowded we began […]

When one door closes, a laptop opens In recent years, there has been much strife between the administration and students over changes to the University’s spending. The most recent incarnation of this tension is the conversation about cancelling correspondence courses. It goes without saying that this move royally screws over a loud minority of students […]

Participants and organizers comment on the diversity of orientation events In a social climate where extroverted personalities thrive, how do introverts deal with the overwhelming social demands of Orientation Week? For many first-year students, Orientation Week can be stressful, especially for those with introverted personalities. A week that is supposed to help new students make […]