Debunking the health benefits of the increasingly popular drink kombucha Across the Mount Allison campus, the fermented, slightly alcoholic tea known as kombucha has been continuously rising in prevalence. According to Live Science, kombucha’s origin dates back to 2,000 years ago in China – which leads to curiosity about how it became a modern, trendy […]

We know that having sex with someone after they’ve said “No” is sexual assault. We know that you have to hear an enthusiastic “Yes” before engaging in any type of sexual activity. But what are some situations where a “Yes” really isn’t consent? Let’s think about the acronym FRIES: Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, Specific. […]

Self-examinations could save your life! The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) dedicates the month of October to breast cancer awareness. Many initiatives are done throughout the month to raise funds for breast cancer research and support for individuals affected by the disease. Donations made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation during the month of October will […]

Mount Allison women’s field hockey team defeats UNBSJ in a close match The Mount Allison women’s field hockey team is focused on maintaining the momentum that comes with their second-ever league win after their game against UNBSJ. The team has been a growing and active member of the Atlantic University Field Hockey League since 2014. […]

The power of sharing your story – and listening to those who share theirs With the media frenzy swirling around Kavanaugh and the joke of an investigation performed by the FBI, it is easy to get caught up in this never-ending soap opera. Instead of adding fire to the shitstorm, I want to highlight the […]

New Brunswick election depicts a province divided Another school year begins, and with it another election cycle. The results of the 2018 New Brunswick provincial election brought a rush of emotions all across the province; some were excited, some were disappointed, and many are still unsure about the future of New Brunswick.​ To recap, the […]

The value of contemplation and moral orientation Lately, I have had some interesting conversations on campus around the goals and objectives of the liberal education. I become increasingly aware of the challenges faced by young adults, those aged approximately 18 to 24, and the opportunity we have in the academy to respond to some of […]

Ok, so like… I forgot I had to write Trill’s Tips this week, but have no fear! I am very smart and will make some up here on the spot. I don’t know what these are going to be about, so strap in because this might get crazy. Tip 1. Uh… Drink water? Everyone seems […]

Exploring the modern day off-grid life choices Mount Allison students are making Have you ever been fed up with the constant communication that social media demands, or wanted to fight against the societal norms we feel we have an obligation to abide by? As a university student, living in complete isolation from the outside world […]