Challenging normalized sexual violence Last semester, the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) passed a motion acknowledging rape culture on campus and made a commitment to fighting it. Rape culture refers to a setting in which sexual violence is made to seem normal through media images and common messages, and where survivors are blamed for experiencing […]

Locally found mushroom aids in the treatment of cognitive and neurodegenerative diseases Lion’s mane mushrooms, named for their shaggy appearance resembling a lion’s mane, have been used globally for their medicinal purposes. Lion’s mane is a mushroom native to North America, Europe and Asia, which can be found in the Maritime provinces of Canada. The […]

Developing a meditation practice can have many health benefits Meditation is a practice that has been prevalent in different cultures for thousands of years. As early the 12th century, meditation was used in a religious context. In the modern day, it is commonly used to help with emotional regulation or stress management. Meditation is a […]

At a student-only forum, many concerns about Mount Allison’s current policy were raised Mount Allison’s Policy on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response is to be reviewed this coming May. The policy is in place to protect Mt. A students by preventing sexual violence, highlighting the different roles of University members, and putting in place a […]

Last Sunday was the final regular vespers service in the chapel for this academic year. I preached on the gospel text of a poor widow who makes an offering at the temple (found in Luke 21). Jesus comments on her generosity, and frequently this text is used as the basis of an appeal for generous […]

Dr. Lori Dithurbide discusses her research on trust in group sport psychology On March 22, Dr. Lori Dithurbide, a sports psychologist and professor of kinesiology at Dalhousie, gave a seminar on trust between teammates and how that trust impacts performance. This talk was organized by the psychology department. “My primary research area is the social […]