A few weeks have gone by at Mount Allison and, with fall ending, I want to share my observations of the Sackvillians. Most of the time I see students rushing past me to get to class, all dreary-eyed with darkened pockets under their eyes. Hydro Flasks are all sitting on classroom and library tables. Pens […]

I’ve been having sex for a few years. My friends, have been having sex for a few years. Over these collective years, I’ve heard countless tales of the thin walls of student housing; the regretful texts to exes leading to sometimes disappointing, sometimes electric reunions; the musicality of bodies and a generous helping of lube; […]

There’s a certain glory behind late-night cram study sessions. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about studying until 2 a.m. without a hint of pride. Talking about how draining studying can be is a way of connecting with friends, but we also say it because it’s what’s expected of a student. We associate […]

This week I was lucky enough to sit down with family physician Dr. Jacqueline McDougall to discuss some health trends and concerns in the university student demographic. Here’s what she had to say. Q: What are the most common health concerns you see in young adults and university students? A: The most common thing I […]

Youth present climate change prevention ideas to be funded by Sackville Town Council The Mayor’s Roundtable on Climate Change, a discussion about climate-related issues, held a youth forum on climate change on Oct. 2. On Friday, Oct. 11 youth from Sackville gathered again at Tantramar Regional High School (TRHS) to discuss ideas presented at the […]

Dr. Dianne Keeping is settling into life at Mt. A and looking forward to the year ahead On Aug. 7, Dr. Dianne Keeping began her position as the new university librarian at Mount Allison. The university librarian supervises operations in the R.P. Bell Library and Archives, as well as the Mt. A music library. Whoever […]

Expected millennial voter turnout is rising across the nation as millions of millennials endure Thanksgiving celebrations. Canadians sat down this long weekend to give thanks and exercise the seasonal tradition of gathering with relatives and immediately regretting it. In a Thanksgiving that would determine the divvying of grandma’s inheritance, the Argosy sat down with the […]