The Effusion, You The mesmerism in your eyes compelled me to forget my belonging, The script of your lovely tongue restrained me to fly. The stupefaction I’m held by is not just a moment of time, materially it’s the life, I feel. The opus of your shape, by only auditing, I absorbed the strongest liquor […]

In Memorial How is it that Someone I have never known Could have passed on Vast depths of meaning and of love To me They, without direct encounter Have provided aim and reason Now I find my course has altered Just as though a fresh salt Wind has graced my sails From above Reminding me of […]

Concern over hospital cuts brings together Sackville residents, administrators and Mt. A students On Feb. 26, hundreds of community members filled Convocation Hall to discuss the health-care reforms proposed by the provincial government earlier this month. The community meeting was hosted by leaders in the Memramcook-Tantramar region including MLA Megan Mitton, Fort Folly First Nations […]

Students gather to protest Mount Allison’s fossil fuel investments On Friday, Feb. 28 during Mount Allison’s winter open house, Divest MTA organized a protest against the University’s investment in fossil fuel and coal companies. The group of about 30 students began the protest in the academic quad and then marched to Centennial Hall chanting and […]

I’ve been on this bus for nearly three hours. The window next to me is open slightly and the cold mist from the fog occasionally gives me a spritz to the face. It’s almost as though the bus is spitting in my face. I ask myself what I did to deserve this, and come up […]

Life as a university student can be difficult, even overwhelming at times. From deadlines to relationship issues, it can be a lot for anyone to handle on their own. You don’t have to be in the middle of a crisis or meltdown to benefit from seeing a counsellor to voice your frustrations, concerns or future […]