A students’ guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The sun is shining brightly, a new semester approaches, and Sackville is cold as hell. Now that the ups and downs (and Fall exams) of 2014 are gone, it’s time to greet 2015 with a smile and make this year an even greater journey than the last! And what better way to prepare yourself than with some good, old-fashioned New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps you’re fairly new to making resolutions, or are having trouble getting motivated this year, but fear not! This guide has all of your resolution needs, preparing you for yet another year. But enough preamble. Here are the top 10 resolutions every Mount Allison student should strive to achieve this year:

1. Hit the gym: Also known as “Resolution 101,” for no list can be complete without this classic. Now is the time to plan for those six-pack abs you have always dreamed of but still don’t have. And luckily for you, the Mt. A fees include a gym membership, depriving you of all excuses to back out. The key component to completing this resolution is to try really hard for the first month, allowing your efforts to slowly fade over time.

2. Eat healthier: Though often in the same category as working out, healthy eating is its own adventure because, well, healthy food sucks. There is no way a salad will ever taste better than pizza. And with the plethora of pizza specials in this town, avoiding a slice is almost an impossibility. You know what? Just forget this one and go eat some pizza.

3. Bump up your grades: If you’re coming off some serious exam guilt, then this resolution will be near the top of your list this year. This one is easy to accomplish, but timely. And that’s because the solution, unfortunately, is more reading. While exhausting at times, reading is a sure-fire way to send your GPA soaring into the A-mosphere.

4. Party less Be honest.

5. Do something you have never done: This does not mean you have to go skydiving or climb Mount Everest. Remember, smaller goals are much easier to achieve. Try something like going to an 8:30 class or getting an exotic beer at Ducky’s.

6.  Watch less Netflix: unless you’re watching Sherlock, in which case… carry on, my dear Watson.

7. Clean your dorm room/apartment: Nobody is perfect, but this is one thing that should not have to be on a New Year’s resolutions list, yet here it is. You know what you need to do.

8. Attend an indie/underground concert: If there is one place in Canada that is made for exotic and strange musical experiences, it’s Sackville. Just do it.

9. [This space is reserved for any personal resolution that is 100 per cent guaranteed to not be fulfilled.]

10. Write an article for The Argosy: Why leave all the hard work for me?

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