Cover letter for students looking for summer or post grad employment

Mr.  ____________________,

       (add name of white man)

My name is _______________, I am writing to express my interest in the ____________ position at your ______________  business. This position sparked my interest when I ____________ it on both the

          (proper noun)       (name of job)       (adjective)         (verb past tense)

__________and the Mount Allison Career Services web page. I would like to work for a ___________ company that offers a professional setting and work that will ____________ me. As a ___________ who

    (place)               (adjective)           (verb) (noun)

will be returning to ___________ in the fall, I am able to work __________ hours up until___________, which complements the position’s timeline well. I believe I have a __________ that will lend itself

  (place)         (adjective) (point in time)     (noun)

well to this job.



(your choice of salutation)


(your name)

Good luck with those entry-level positions that require 3-5 years experience!

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