Lib vs. Lib: Issues of Pronunciation

In yet another embarrassing turn of events for the first-year population of Mount Allison, a freshman student has referred to the R.P. Bell Library as the “lib” instead of as the “lib.” As we all know, the correct way to pronounce “lib” is “lib,” not “lib.”

Upon hearing this mispronunciation, a nearby fourth-year washup, me, laughed to himself and thought, “This is gonna make for a great article” before scuttling off to the Argosy office to write this article.

There has been some debate over how to pronounce “lib” in the past. While one side argues that the correct pronunciation is “lib,” because that’s how it’s pronounced in the context of its root word, the majority of students agree that the word should be pronounced “lib,” since that’s how you would pronounce the word on its own.

It is doubtful that anything will come from this, and the scientists here at the Argosy have determined that the probability of the Mt A population continuing to pronounce “lib” as “lib” is incredibly high.

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