Potty talk


1. Meal Hall: Although these bathrooms are in a high traffic area, they are quite nice and fairly well maintained. Not to mention, they have excellent hand dryers.

2. Avard Dixon: Unequally scattered between floors, the Avard Dixon bathrooms are bewildering. Girls will know the frustration of the single-stall, inconveniently placed freezer that is the first floor bathroom.

3. Conservatory: Some nice bathrooms, albeit a little old. Although they are essentially unremarkable as bathrooms go, depending on when you use the Conservatory facilities, you could find yourself being being serenaded while you sit upon your throne.

4. Hart Hall: Old but functional, these bathrooms are rather peaceful and I’ve been told that the basement ones sport some rather spectacular graffiti. Just don’t question why there’s a wheelchair accessible stall all the way up on the third floor of an elevator-less building.

5. Barclay: Here are some nice bathrooms… especially on the ground level. Clean, private, excellent water temperature control, Barclay is easily among the top contenders. Now if only the classrooms were as nice.

6. Flemington: Although well lit and spacious, not only are they on the chilly side, but they’re right on the edge of smelling too much like a bathroom. Not to mention, they were incredibly difficult for this reviewer to find.

7. Chapel: Some decent bathrooms; a good temperature and private to boot. Their downfall is that they have a tendency to echo. A lot. Tends to break the divine aura of the place.

8. Crabtree: Dark, old, high traffic areas, some doors that don’t lock… Crabtree does not stand up well in the bathroom department. Points for the interesting tiles though.

9. Convocation Hall: These are bathrooms that are trying really hard to be nice, opera-house worthy bathrooms. I’ll give them props, although their flushing power leaves a little to be desired.

10. Library: These are bathrooms that are in need of an upgrade. Although they’re now better than the days of the two-toilets-to-a-stall, the smell still lingers, and the (usually) politically themed graffiti is lackluster.

11. Athletic Center: Located around the AC, these bathrooms either smell like sweat, are damp from the pool, or bring back the memory of tears and desperation from exam time. If you can stand it, go for it.

12. Student Center: Although these bathrooms are some of the most up-to-date on campus, there are a few factors playing against them: they’re always busy (unless you climb to the second floor) and they’re always a little questionable after big party nights.

13. Owens Art Gallery: The bathrooms at the Owens’ are similar to the Chapel’s: clean, private, but prone to echo. If you have issues conducting your visits during fancy, high brow events, these bathrooms may be slightly inconvenient.

14. Dunn: Confession: I’ve only ever investigated the 1st floor bathrooms. However, further investigation was halted by the fact that the Dunn bathrooms commit the biggest bathroom sin: they smell like a bathroom.

15. Centennial Hall: I’ve never been to the bathrooms in the administration building. I tend to imagine that they’re all marble, with heated toilet seats, bathroom attendants and a jacuzzi. Yup.

16. Purdy Crawford: Don’t let the newness deter you, the PCCA has the nicest bathrooms on campus. Spacious, well lit for selfies, no-touch hand dryers, not to mention accessible and gender neutral; these bathrooms are the place to pee.

Illustration by Anna Farrell.

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