Better know a Mountie: Kyle Milley

Second-year soccer player Kyle Milley is the ultimate utility man for the Mounties. He has had stints playing as a defensive midfielder, a right-winger, and his preferred position at right-back. Milley’s versatility is a remarkable asset to the team and a testament to his overall talent and ability as a soccer player. Often players in their first year do not get many opportunities to play, but Milley was an exception to this rule, starting in all but one game in his first season. Milley’s number was consistently written into the starting lineup in his second year, and was a bright spark in a disappointing season.

Milley is from of Calgary, Alberta, and has been playing soccer since before he could walk. Unlike athletes from smaller Maritime regions, Milley had to be more selective about the sports he played during his adolescent years because of the high level of competition which comes with a larger population. Milley chose to focus on honing his soccer skills and improving on his excellent natural ability.

Milley, a psychology major, gravitated toward the intimate community feel which Sackville offers both through its athletics program and off the field. Milley also enjoys the residence experience Harper Hall affords him. He says it has allowed him to form friendships outside of the soccer team and he enjoys taking part in the variety of activities which come with living on campus. One of the benefits for Milley on the field is the opportunity to have an immediate impact on the team. With regard to the sport-study balance and the discipline required of most varsity athletes, Milley noted the soccer team’s “very compact season,” right after which“the focus definitely shifts to academics,” said Milley.

The Mount Allison men’s soccer team hopes to enter next year’s season with a revitalized attitude to go alongside the recent change in the team’s head coaching position. The forthcoming coach, George Jenkins, has earned a FIFA ‘A’ coaching certification and has experience coaching all over the world. Jenkins and his soccer pedigree bring with them higher levels of expectation to the team, which the team hopes will bring a much-needed challenge with it. Milley describes the hire as “a good first step,” but acknowledges that it is ultimately up to the players to turn around the team’s fortune and compete at a high level next season.

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