Better Know A Mountie: Megan Entwistle

While you might not think that Mount Allison would be the ideal school for a hockey player from Saskatoon, it was the perfect fit for Megan Entwistle. As Megan puts it, “I partly came for hockey, and they recruited me for hockey, but my dad had read about Mt. A in Macleans and I was really drawn to the small undergrad university experience.“

Megan played hockey in her first year at Mt. A, an impressive feat on its own, but in her second year she decided to give soccer a go, a sport she had not played competitively in a long time. “I intended to play first year” she said, “but I chickened out because I was worried I would be overcommitted. I would watch the games really wanting to play, so in second year I (was) brave enough and did it. The hockey coach was really supportive.”

Megan now plays forward for the hockey team and starts at striker for the soccer team. While pretty hectic at times, Megan says she “loves being a part of two great teams.” For the two-sport athlete, “October is definitely the craziest month. Going from one practice to the other can be a challenge, especially hockey to soccer.” 

Megan credits her dad Gary for much of her success, saying he was also her coach when she was younger. Megan says the best part about playing for the Mounties is “the close knit, community atmosphere. Everyone is super supportive through the good and bad. The fans that come to the games are really supportive as well.”

When she’s not on the field or in the rink, Megan is a philosophy major with a minor in Political Science, so you can probably find her at the library doing readings. “I love being in philosophy because the professors are awesome, and everyone who’s in the class is really engaged, making the discussions lively.” She also really enjoys the questions that come naturally in a philosophy class, saying she “thinks about them all the time.” 

Much like her athletic career, Megan didn’t settle into her academic path right away. She was initially a science student before switching into the arts. Like her playing though, she seems to have really settled in nicely with the philosophy department. 

You can catch Megan in action most weekends at the Varsity soccer team’s home games, and look for her on the rink this fall once hockey season gets going.      

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