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Danica Lundy

Danica LundyIt is safe to say that Danica Lundy will not be forgotten by the Mount Allison Women’s Soccer team after she graduates. Mt. A’s midfielder has made contributions to the team not only on the field, but off the field as well. Lundy, a graduating Fine Arts student majoring in painting and printmaking, currently has a piece in the Owens Art Gallery called “The Bruise Bank.” Lundy, in an interview with The Argosy, said that “The Bruise Bank” is all about her “fascination with bruises.” Lundy has made a collection of bruises that started with the Women’s Soccer team. She would photograph post-game or post-practice bruises from the pitch and then create a portrait of each individual bruise. “They’re freaky and fuzzy and made of wool, sculptures if you can call them that.” The piece is a testament to Lundy’s well-rounded personality.

She said that she considered going into medicine before getting a fine arts degree at Mt. A, and still hasn’t ruled it out if things don’t work out in her pursuits to be an artist.

An Academic All-Canadian every year of her Mt. A career, Lundy was selected as a second team all-star in the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) this past season. She was voted Most Valuable Player by her teammates and received the Gigi Hicks sportsmanship award. 

In her first season with the soccer team, Lundy didn’t get a lot of playing time. As she showed Head Coach Barry Cooper that she was serious about becoming an integral part of the team, she earned more and more playing time. Lundy says that she would try to always stay behind after practices and work on her striking with Cooper. Her hard work definitely paid off. This season, Lundy started eleven of thirteen games for the Mounties. “I’ve never been one for fancy footwork, but I do have tenacity and I really love the game. It was a long process, but I am glad I remained hungry and determined to play; things turned out okay in the end.”

Lundy says one of her favourite memories was when graduating music student Fenton Corey came to play the bagpipes for her when a game coincided with her birthday.

She also talked about her experience playing alongside her sister, Sierra this year. This was Sierra’s first year at Mount Allison, and Danica said she had the best seat in the house when it came to watching her younger sister play this year. Sierra is a forward for the Mounties and also a fine arts student. This goes along with Danica’s least favourite memory: watching her younger sister tear her ACL in September. The Mounties were playing a game against perennial powerhouse, the University of Prince Edward Island Panthers (UPEI) when Danica witnessed the incident. Danica joked that Head Coach Barry Cooper nearly had to restrain her from taking out all eleven opposing members of the Panthers that day. The Lundys were able to have their vengeance when Mount Allison faced the Panthers again on October 12th of the same season. In the mud pit of MacAulay field, the Mounties defeated the Panthers one-nil. For the first time in nine years, the Mounties defeated the Panthers, and made it into the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) playoffs.

Off the field, Lundy does graphic design work for a clothing company back in her native British Columbia.

Lundy will not be soon forgotten, and will certainly be back to support Sierra and the rest of the soccer team in the fall. From her work in the art department, to her contributions on the pitch, there will be shoes to fill come September.

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