Movember a symbol for men’s health

November is a time to throw away your razor, and grow your very best moustache. Movember inspires much more than just a stylistic change in facial hair. The Movember foundation fundraises and advocates for men’s health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer, as well as poor mental health and physical inactivity.
Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men ages 15-29. The survival rate is nearly 100 per cent when caught at an early stage, but this decreases as time goes on. It is important to remain vigilant through self-examination and report any lumps or changes to your doctor. Though certain conditions and family history may contribute to the likelihood of the disease, many individuals develop testicular cancer without any risk factors at all.
The Movember campaign supports research on prostate cancer, which is the most common kind of cancer among Canadian men overall. Each year, there are roughly 1.1 million new cases diagnosed and 300,000 deaths worldwide. Approximately one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime. Prostate cancer tends to grow slowly, which makes it easier to treat. However, it is important to make appointments with your doctor for regular examinations, particularly after the age of 40.
There are several Mount Allison initiatives on campus which contribute to the Movember campaign. Health Care Outreach Mt. A runs an annual nude calendar campaign where calendars featuring and designed by Mt. A students are sold in support of Movember. Purchasing a calendar is an excellent way to show your support and have a few laughs along the way! Many also choose to fundraise through the Movember website itself, where the individual agrees to grow their very best moustache in return for donations to the campaign.
Movember is an excellent initiative which brings to light some very important issues regarding men’s health. By participating in the campaign in some way, we too advocate for men’s health and play a crucial role in this global initiative. Throw away your razors and get those moustaches ready: Movember is upon us.

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