Sexercise: a great way to burn calories

Combining sex and exercise is a great way to stay in shape.

Maintaining a healthy sex life is crucial in many emotional, spiritual, and, of course, physical ways. As humans, we rely greatly on the sense of touch and on physical actions to release endorphins that provoke a euphoric state. What if we could combine this blissful activity with a rigorous and efficient workout to maximize the time spent with loved ones?

Sexercise is characterized by combining sexual intercourse with simple other activities that amplify calorie burn, increase flexibility, and raise the heart rate. All of these provide huge health benefits, and the moment your heart starts racing, your blood starts flowing, calories start burning, and things ‘heat up’ in more ways than one.

Whilst in the sack, ensure you are an active participant, not a not-so innocent bystander. Help each other out with the workload by following the ‘give and take routine’. This involves alternating sex positions so that each partner gets an even workout, and one partner isn’t stuck with a muscle cramp halfway through. Remember to engage your core during any act. This will tighten that mid-section and burn fat like nobody’s business. Yoga can also be integrated into the bedroom’s activities by incorporating any positions known by one or both partners. This will also greatly increase flexibility and can initiate a more spiritual intimate time.

Now women, remember to tighten those Kegel muscles anytime you can, as this strengthens vaginal muscles and boosts arousal.

For men, next time you are at the gym, make sure to loosen those hips through running, spinning, squats, and lunges, as this will promote blood flow and increase libido.

Additionally remember that stretching is crucial. If it doesn’t fit into your foreplay routine, ensure after trying any new sexercises that you give your muscles a nice stretch to release any tension or stiffness.

Stay healthy folks!!

Célina Boothby is Mount Allison University’s Health Intern

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