A Genealogy of Sad Boys

If you’ve ever needed a short and extremely curated list of boys yelling about their feelings, search no further.

“Hell Is My Backup Plan” – Single Mothers (Single Mothers)
Some boys from Montreal making some very catchy post-hardcore. Are the lyrics ironic or not? I’m still not sure.

“Stoked and Broke” – FIDLAR (FIDLAR)
The perfect song to realize that all your friends are pieces of shit—and that’s okay.

“Take On the World” – Wavves (King of the Beach)
Missing summer? Hit up Wavves’s King of the Beach to bring those warm feels back.

“Hope” and “Marriage” – Descendants (Milo Goes to College)
Milo Goes to College is an undeniable classic of west-coast punk; these are just a couple highlights.

“Praise / Love” and “Anyone / Anything” – Touche Amore (Is Survived By)
A seamless transition on one of the better post-hardcore records of the last couple years.

“Keep Smiling” – Chinese Telephones (Chinese Telephones)
A 21st-century band taking pop punk back to its roots.

“Action & Action” – The Get Up Kids (Something to Write Home About)
“You taught me how / I play the fool / Every mistake that I make / I couldn’t have made without you.”

“Shoulder to the Wheel” – Saves the Day (Through Being Cool)
Punchy, end-of-the-20th-century emo for all your feels-y needs.

“You, in Weird Cities” – Jeff Rosenstock (We Cool?)
A relatively new discovery for me, but a good track when you’re missing a person.

“In Circles” – Sunny Day Real Estate (Diary)
Where did emo come from? In part, from these guys.

“The Old Gospel Choir” – Modern Baseball (You’re Gonna Miss It All) and “Gig Life” – The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (Whenever, If Ever)
Where did emo go? These two tracks give a decent introduction to the revival of the 2010s.

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