A list of things to do on Valentine’s Day when you don’t want it to be Valentine’s Day

Here is a list of things you can do to avoid your loneliness on Valentine’s Day or celebrate your singledom:

1. Go to Sweetest Little Thing, look at some art, have some drinks, feel fancier than an undergrad student should.

2. Buy all the discount chocolate and candy you can find and eat it all.

3. Watch any number of bad rom coms. My number one suggestion is When Harry Met Sally.

4. Buy yourself flowers and stare at them for hours.

5. Drink a lot of wine – rosé might be the best option for this weekend.

6. Buy a bath bomb and take a bath until you turn into a prune.

7. Attend a ‘Galentines’/‘Palentines’ party with your friends at which you bond over loneliness, secrets, spells or your favourite form of liquor.

8. Deal with the ever-growing list of things in your Netflix queue.

9. Masturbate.

10. Realize that not being in a relationship by no means has to define you (unless you’d like it to).

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