Ducky’s debuts eight new taps for craft beers and nanobrews

As it turns out, they’re pretty good, too.

First the move, then the food. Now, with summer just around the corner, Sackville’s newest eight taps are pumping out an ever-changing line-up of Maritime craft beers at Ducky’s Bar.

Owner Darren Wheaton and manager Celeste Legere aren’t just trying to give their loyal customers a chance to try something new; they’ve got their eyes on something bigger.

Now with twenty-two taps, Ducky’s wants to be a destination bar for beer lovers across the Maritimes.

“My hope is that we can become a bit of a destination in the summertime,” Legere said. “It’s nothing for people to head from Sackville to Halifax for the weekend, right? Or from Halifax to here.”

The new taps are currently split between established regional breweries and homegrown, one-man operations. What’s on tap can change at any moment.

“The whole concept with the eight new towers is they’re meant to be rotational,” said Wheaton, “so nothing is going to be necessarily permanent.”

Beer fans aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from the increased selection.

“It’s kind of a really cool, mutually-beneficial sort of thing we can do, in kind of introducing some of the smaller breweries that are popping up. It’s great for us to be able to offer it and introduce it to people, and it’s great for them to help get their name out. And great for us, too, just having the extensive selection that we do have,” Legere said.

“It’s a big craft beer movement right now. It’s an exciting time. When we got started with Picaroons, we got to see how quickly people can become devoted to something other than just your mainstream [beer],” Legere said.

Originally published May 8, 2014.

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