How a student’s university credentials open doors to savings

The hidden benefits of your student ID

You might not be aware of this but your university email address or your university identity card (ID) carries more weight than just granting you access to your residence or Jennings Dining Hall. Many students may not be aware that their university credentials come with perks that extend beyond their campus lives. These perks allow students to take advantage of special deals on products and services offered by various organizations, recognizing the financial constraints students often face. From clothing to electronics, here are some ways you can leverage your university credentials to access incredible deals, often without the need to physically visit stores. Most companies participate with websites where you can verify yourself as a student online on, Unidays, or student beans first, and then, after verification, they will notify the store digitally that you are a legitimate student.

Clothing plays a crucial role in shaping our identity, and sometimes the products we aspire to own are overpriced or just above our budget. In such cases, if the store you are looking at offers student discounts—such as how H&M offers a 15 percent discount on its products with an in-store purchase when you have your university ID—then you can stack a discount on top of the offered sale, which is a privilege unavailable to the general public.

Electronics are also a necessity for students. A variety of different devices drive our daily lives such as headphones, power banks, cellphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronics. So, how does our student identity help us achieve discounts for these products? For example, Apple provides education pricing, a 10 percent discount on its products for students. Apple also usually offers a free $150 Apple gift card during the start of the fall semester every year. Similarly, Lenovo and Samsung also offer student discounts for 10 percent after verification with on all their products all year round.

Streaming subscriptions are an important aspect of our daily lives. Whether it is Spotify, Apple Music, or Prime video, students are offered a great deal: these companies offer students special prices, at almost a 50 percent discount on some of these services. Spotify, Apple, and Amazon provide special pricing for students to fulfill their streaming needs at a lower cost. In fact, you can get six months of Amazon Prime free when you verify yourself as a student, which includes Amazon Kindle, Video, Music, and Prime delivery service. The best part is you get student pricing after six months for $5.99/ month.

Adidas, PUMA, and Nike offer student discounts on their products as well. Best Buy also offers a student discount when you shop with them within their range of products. Other great deals include Hulu, which offers its services to students for $1.99/month, YouTube premium, which offers its services for $6.99/month for students, and Apple TV, which offers its services for $5.99/month for up to 48 months! In terms of educational products and services, Microsoft Office 365 is also offered free for students as well, including the complete version of the services students often use for their assignments.

Gabriel Theriault

After going through this article, you might want to get something for yourself online, as there are some amazing perks associated with being a university student in terms of deals on select products and services. However, it is important not to abuse these privileges. We should only be obtaining products and services at these prices if we are purchasing them for ourselves, as these companies intend to provide cost-effective services to their student customers so that accessibility is available to all students. Additionally, this article highlights only a selection of deals in Canada, encouraging students to inquire about student discounts when making purchases, both online and in-person. Undoubtedly, saving even a little can make a significant difference for a student.

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