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In the coming week, a variety of concerts will commence the term’s post-reading-week stretch. These performances will begin with a strong focus on Canadian music.
After indulging and embracing a handful of primarily Canadian talent, the attention will shift to vocal repertoire in the following two performances. On Sunday, Nov. 22 at 3 p.m. in the chapel, the Elliott Chorale and Choral Society will perform works by various members of the Bach family, followed by operatic scenes by Monteverdi, Mozart and Handel later in the week.
On Thursday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. in Brunton Auditorium, Mount Allison will host the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, the second concert in the Performing Arts Series, stopping in Sackville for another Maritime performance in their current concert tour. They are currently recognized as Canada’s sole “Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk-Super Band.” This 12-member ensemble, which began as a quartet busking in Toronto, features a unique mix of sounds. A few notable instruments include numerous violins, trombones and percussion instruments such as a darbouka and savage drum and a sopilka (a wind instrument in the flute family). Their repertoire, which revolves around folk themes, will provide a lively dance-like atmosphere, and is anticipated to be a crowd-pleaser.
The following evening, the third Performing Arts Series concert will also feature folk-inspired repertoire in Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat. Canadian violinist Jasper Wood, along with six of his musical companions, will be the featured performers in this hour-long work. Music department head and pianist Stephen Runge will also perform a few pieces for piano and violin with Wood. L’Histoire du Soldat revolves around dialogue between the titular soldier and the devil, in a discussion that entails exchanging a violin for a magical book.
Jasper Wood is a frequent performer in eastern Canada. A significant portion of his performances are done in a chamber ensemble. This will be a great learning experience for the music students; the music program strives for excellence in chamber performance to coincide with their solo instrumental studies.On Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. in Brunton Auditorium, Vicki St. Pierre will conduct students in an opera workshop ensemble, presenting an evening full of suspense and drama. As the night unfolds, the performances will explore what happens when supernatural figures communicate with mortal beings.
These performances are not to be missed, as they demonstrate the diverse exposure of musical repertoire featured on campus.

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