Little You, Little Me – I’d Watch the Day Til It Died (Monopolized Records, Dec. 4)

This 14-track album by Saint John-based Little You, Little Me is a must-listen for both garage rock lovers and newcomers to the genre. The album boasts loud, heavy guitars, with forceful drums to compliment. Most transitions from one song to another are abrupt, combined with a variety of tempos to keep things interesting. The aptly named “Fuckushima” heads the album, chaotic and rich with feedback—meant to be played ear-shatteringly loud. If 10-per-cent volume is more your thing, “It’s Awkward” is a lighter, slower tune, more suited for the faint of heart. Every single song on the album evokes a strong desire to head bang and play the air instrument of your choosing. I’d Watch the Day Till It Died is a better Saturday-night soundtrack than Sunday-morning, but hey, who am I to judge?

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