Mixed Tape: Send it to Your Lover

Each week, the Argosy asks a member of the Sackville community to create a mixtape playlist on a theme or topic of their choosing.


Looking for love? I’m not saying these tracks will win a significant other over, but he or she is likely worthwhile if he or she knows, understands, and/or loves any of these tracks:


“So Sorry” by Feist (The Reminder)


Don’t ever feel bad about being wrong.


“Hockey Teeth” by Bahamas 

(Pink Strat)


Imperfections need to be embraced sometimes.


“When I Go” by Joel Plaskett (Emergencies, False Alarms etc.) 


If you absolutely have to leave the East Coast, don’t forget to come back.


“Before You Leave” by Thrush Hermit (Clayton Park)




“Frozen to the Phone” by Construction & Destruction (Homebodies)


I too have racked up countless long distance calls.


“Knitting Something Nice For You” by Aidan Knight (Versicolour) 


Using your talents to win someone over is good advice.


“Sara” by Chad VanGaalen 

(Diaper Island)


Chad constantly blows my mind with his songwriting. File this one under sentimental.


“Frost” by Corey Isenor (Frost)


Ex-Sackville dreamboat sums up Sackville existence.


“Gold Soundz” by Pavement 

(Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)


“So drunk in the August sun and you’re the kind of girl I like.”



“(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” by Nat King Cole 

(Capital Records Single)


Because I do.


“Just Be Simple” by Songs: Ohia 

(The Magnolia Electric Co.)


And if you’re feeling bad, that’s ok. You’re not alone.


Lucas Hicks is a lover, first and foremost, as well as a musician on the side.

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