Mixed Tape:LUST

This playlist revolves around the most illustrious trope in rock ‘n’ roll: LUST. 

“Wild About You” by The Saints 

((I’m) Stranded

This song is off Australia’s The Saints’ first album, (I’m) Stranded, and is a slice of first wave punk perfection!

“Slip It Off Slip It In” by Cum Stain (S/T)

What more needs to be said? Contemporary lo-fi punk from California.

“Penetration” by The Stooges (Raw Power)

Iggy wears his sex on his sleeve! It’s dark, which is refreshing. This is just a placeholder for the whole album

“I Just Wanna Make Love to You” by Lantern (American Razorwire EP)

Philly’s Lantern take the Willie Dixon classic to all new sleaze levels with this crusty cover.

“Orgasm Addict” by The Buzzcocks 

(Singles Going Steady)

“You tried it once, found it all right for kicks, but now you found out that it’s a habit that sticks!”

“I Go Blank” by UV Race (S/T)

Australia’s most recent undeniable punk export with a simple but direct little song.

“I Want You Right Now” by MC5 

(Kick Out the Jams)

All the swagger in the instrumentation of the song alone would be enough to make this list.

“Tastebuds” by King Khan and BBQ Show (Invisible Girl

Filthy lyrics—too filthy to even allude to. Brought to you by Montreal’s finest.

“Sex Bomb” by Flipper (Album —Generic Flipper)

The whole song is one giant sex-aphone solo.

“Like a Bad Girl Should” by The Cramps 

(Big Beat from Badsville)

One of hundreds of extremely perverted Cramps songs. All sass, no class!

“Hunting For Love” by Chain and the Gang 

(In Cool Blood)

Primitive grooves from Svenonius and his gang that evoke the animalistic side of desire.

“Looking for a Kiss” by New York Dolls (S/T)

Glam is essentially sex-rock.

“Skinny Minnie” by The Sonics (Boom)

Maybe the most innocent song on this list lyrically, but still not a love song. There is an implication of physical motivation in there.

“Add it Up” by Violent Femmes (S/T)

The perfect ode to sexual frustration; this song is dark yet relatable.

“Up in Her Room” by The Seeds (Web of Sound)

Fourteen minutes of proto-punk psychedelia about the only thing anyone cares about.

Joe Chamady is a member of Astral Gunk, Kappa Chow, and Jerked Damaged.

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