Morning wake-up playlist

A mixtape to accompany you on the days when waking up feels incomprehensible.

“Every Time the Sun Comes Up” – Sharon Van Etten (Are We There)
“Every time the sun comes up I’m in trouble” – good morning.

“Feel You” – Julia Holter (Have You in My Wilderness)
Julia Holter is both calming and fun, and that’s exactly what you need right now.

“Small Poppies” – Courtney Barnett (Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit)
Barnett consistently captures the utter mundanity of most days: Just because you have to get out of bed, doesn’t mean you have to be unrealistic about it.

“Clean” – Taylor Swift (1989)
Post-shower tune/on-repeat singing loudly in the shower tune; if you try to tell me Ryan Adams’s version is better, get back in the shower.

“Pretty Pimpin’” – Kurt Vile (b’lieve i’m goin down…)
Enjoy this song while you continue with your daily routine.

“Coffee & T.V.” – Blur (13)
Coffee is the ultimate pick-me-up; Blur points out that coffee can be a peaceful way to settle into an undoubtedly hectic day.

“Making Breakfast” – Twin Peaks (Wild Onion)
Now that you’ve had your coffee and T.V., I promise that making breakfast to Twin Peaks will put you in a better mood.

“Inside and Out” – Feist (Let it Die)
Has there ever been a better Bee Gees cover? Has there ever been a better brunch album? You may not be eating brunch, but this track is still perfect for any morning.

“Bridge to Hawaii” – Tacocat (NVM)
You may be done dreaming, but daydreams are a crucial part of surviving any day; figure out how we could build a bridge from the east coast to Hawaii and get back to me.

“Walk Out that Door” – The Ettes (Do You Want Power)
Sometimes you really have to take things literally – walk out that door, get to class.

“Diss Town” – The So So Glos (Blowout)
The perfect song to grumpily stomp through town to and to mumble in aggravation at whatever piece of construction you may find on your way.

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