Songs of love (and lack thereof)

“You’ve Got the Makings of a Lover” – Mayer Hawthorne (Impressions)

Hawthorne’s take on an old Motown track about love at first sight is done with just enough added finesse and croon. Great to play before confessing your soulful desire for someone.

“Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” – Frank Wilson

This song’s building melody makes you feel like you popped a molly. Highly recommended to listen to while holding someone.

Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys

Even before internet memes existed, there was “Pet Sounds and chill.”

“(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” – Jackie Wilson (Higher and Higher)

Whether for karaoke, intimate listening or dancing, “Higher and Higher” successfully gets your heart racing. Try your hand at some footwork during the instrumental break to attract the attention of the one you love.

“No One Could Love You More” – Gladys Knights and the Pips (Standing Ovation)

Simple, but Knights’s vocal range puts it into teary-eyed territory. Not recommended for anyone new to the concept of intimacy.

“Two Can Win” / “Don’t Cry” – J Dilla (Donuts)

No matter the context, the flow of these songs into each other, the Deep Soul samples used, and the genius beat-mixing on this track come together to deliver a strange combination of bliss and sadness.

“Making Up, Breaking Up” – Sharon Jones (Give the People What They Want)

Jones’s classic style of love with a grain of salt. Makes you think about the current predicament you and your past loved one might be in now.

“End of Our Road” – Marvin Gaye (MPG)

One could easily be fooled by the upbeat tempo that this song being a continuation of Gaye’s typical ’60s vain-pop style, but make no mistake: This song is about pain of moving forward after being cheated on. Shit sucks; deal with it.

“Fancy Clown” – Madvillain (Madvillainy)

“Now you apologize, that’s what they all say / You wasn’t sorry when you sucked him off in the hallway” – MF Doom’s and Madlib’s take on a teenage love gone awry.

“I’m Gone” – Dj Rashad (Just a Taste)

Not about breakup per se, but it’s hard not to feel even a little bit morose while listening to “I’m Gone.” Juke one out for the soul; sometimes it’s not always just about your heart.

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