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EditedStyleprofile1.jacobsutton-burberryThe must-have items this holiday season.

With Christmas and the Holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to admit that winter has arrived. And what better time than now to start considering which items to put onto your Christmas list, and what might you like to get that special someone? 

In the fall it’s fine to walk through campus in a sweater and deck shoes, but with soon to be snow-laden grounds and below freezing temperatures, just the thought of leaving the warmth of my bed gives me a chill. Thankfully, we can now dig deeper into our closets and pull out the heavy jackets, boots, and other trappings of our winter wardrobes.  When temperatures drop, my two most essential items aside from my jackets have to be my Blundstones and fur hat. 

Boots are a necessary item for winter weather. Investing in a good pair of boots will not only save your toes now, but you will likely get many seasons out of them. With so many options out there it can sometimes be difficult to decide which boot is for you. The men’s trend right now is in leather boots and tall boots that lace. Some popular styles include Blundstone, Timberland, and Bally. For women, the classics remain in style from brands like Burberry, Blundstone, and Hunter. For the adventurous among us, try a pair of thigh high boots in leather or suede. There are of course always less expensive options available at most large department stores. Try checking out stores like H&M, Target, or Zara for trendy seasonal items, but be prepared to sacrifice a certain level of quality or longevity. 

Another must have winter item is a warm hat. Hats make great Holiday gifts, and can be found in any price range. When choosing a hat I’d say the most important thing to consider is the material. A genuine wool or cashmere hat will do much better than a synthetic wool when it comes to warmth and longevity. If you love fur, a great way of incorporating it into your wardrobe is with a hat.  Subtler than a jacket and considerably less expensive, but still a statement piece. Most authentic fur hats can be purchased for between $200 and $1000. But even though a fur hat is an undoubtedly fabulous winter accessory, alas the price of real fur is a bit outside the range of a typical student budget. A good way to get around the steeper price of fur is to check out your local thrift shop, since they typically stock vintage furs during this time of year. They’re usually just as authentic, and you can find furs of all kinds (think stoles and coats) for a reduced price. 

Other great gifts include small personable items, like scarves and socks. If you’re like me, somebody in your family is always gifting you with enough socks to keep the laundress feeling like Cinderella. However, something that I do enjoy to both give and receive is a quality pair of cashmere socks. The wool is obtained from cashmere goats and provides excellent insulation while being incredibly lightweight and soft, unlike sheep’s wool. Seriously, if you haven’t owned a pair of cashmere socks yet you don’t know what you’re missing! The best thing about this gift is that you can really go to town when it comes to styles and colours, and still manage to keep a balanced budget. My personal favourites are those from Ralph Lauren, which come in at around thirty dollars a pair. If you’re looking for something more substantial, a scarf from Burberry or Alexander McQueen will be the perfect gift to spoil that special someone with. Whatever you choose, best wishes this Holiday season! 

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