The Mouthbreathers set to release new EP

Corrupting the Youth will be released before the summer begins.

Sackville pop-punkers the Mouthbreathers, are in the process of recording their third EP.

“As far as new things to expect,” said front-woman Lucy Niles in an interview with the Argosy, “this album was not recorded in the shed, so I guess that’s new, we recorded it in the Vogue. As far as songs go, they’re a little more guitar driven than our previous stuff; the lyrics are slightly more abstract but not much more.”

Alongside Niles, the EP features Josée Caron, Luke Patterson, and Kevin Brasier. It also features backup vocals from Nic Wilson, formerly of Yellowteeth, and some gang vocal assistance from Joe Chamandy of Astral Gunk and Kappa Chow. The EP is being recorded and produced by James Anderson.

The four-song EP will be called Corrupting the Youth, a reference to the trial of Socrates and the thin line between becoming more mature and more corrupt, which is applicable considering how many of the band’s songs comment on the trials and tribulations of growing up. It also “sounded punk rock,” Niles said in an interview with CBC.

You can look for it to drop as a free online download or a cassette tape available for purchase at some point before their summer tour of the West alongside Sackville regular Fiver.

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