The Sap Fest Cocktail

With spring fast approaching, we are already well into maple syrup season. A versatile ingredient for a lot of different cocktails, maple syrup serves as an excellent substitute for simple syrup, which many recipes call for. Simple syrup, a mixture of sugar and water, lacks the distinct flavour of maple syrup, which can make some mixed drinks much more interesting. If you’re all out of pancakes, maple syrup goes especially well with whisky, so consider trying this cocktail for some spring flavour.

Stir the first three ingredients together with ice until well chilled. For a Canadian spin on the simple Old Fashioned, combine a shot of whisky, a few splashes of lemon juice, maple syrup and a maraschino cherry. For a milder drink, consider topping the drink with hard apple cider. The apple cider balances the strength of the whisky to turn this drink into a cocktail more suitable for Easter brunch, although that really depends on what your family is like. If you are using amber rum instead of whisky, use ginger ale to top up the drink rather than cider.

Depending on how much Easter chocolate you plan to scarf down, adjust the drink’s sweetness by using more or less maple syrup.

1 ½ parts whisky or amber rum

1 part lemon juice 

½ part maple syrup

Alcoholic apple cider or ginger ale

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