Underbridge to launch second literary journal

‘Joypuke II’ set to release during improv event at the Pond.

The Underbridge Press is known for publishing a wide variety of works from a wide variety of writers and artists, and their upcoming Joypuke II is no exception.

The second volume of the annual journal is set for release on Feb. 18, and The Underbridge Press will host a release event in collaboration with Presents: The Improv.

“[It] will have a special Joypuke theme,” said Underbridge Press founder and director Elijah Teitelbaum. “It will also feature readings from Mount Allison students who have been published in Joypuke.”

Teitelbaum said that the goal of collaborating with the improv group is to extend promotion of the journal to students who might not necessarily be part of the literary community at Mt. A.

“It’s about the people outside of that community,” Teitelbaum added. “People who might not come to readings, people who might still enjoy this type of material and literature, who are there but might not be reached at this moment.”

Joypuke features fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry, as well as an artistic cover design by Rachel Thornton. Unlike other Underbridge publications like Zettel Magazine which have independent production and editorial teams, Joypuke is edited and designed solely by Mt. A students who work with the Underbridge Press.

The journal offers writers of all ages and experience levels an opportunity to have their work published, with submissions being evaluated solely on the quality of writing. Teitelbaum noted the journal’s lack of an annual theme and the emphasis on a variety of styles.

“It has writing that is funny, writing that is poignant, writing that is cynical,” Teitelbaum added. “It really runs the whole gamut.”

Joypuke features writing from Mt. A students, as well as writers from across Canada and around the world. Writers featured in Joypuke II reside in the U.K., Morocco, and Japan – just to name a few.

In fact, Mt. A students make up a minority of this year’s featured writers. Of the twenty-six contributors, only seven are Mt. A students or alumni.

Teitelbaum said that the journal is unique in that the works of Mt. A students and other published writers are placed side by side.

“To have that mosaic of quality really makes it special,” said Teitelbaum. “The breadth of ages and perspectives within [Joypuke] really brings something special to this journal.”

After its release, Joypuke II will be available for purchase online on The Underbridge Press website, as well as at various Sackville locations. The journal costs $8, with additional shipping fees for online purchases.


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