Vinyl, tapes, and gear fill CHMA

Radio station hosts its first record and gear swap.

The CHMA offices on the third floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre saw a rotating cast of about ten on Sunday for their first record and gear swap. The initiative, spearheaded by staff member James Anderson, was meant to drum up interest and act as a test for future record swaps. Despite uncooperative weather and minimal advertising, the swap drew an interested crowd and was ultimately successful.

The event was a response to the dearth of physical music vendors in Sackville, a community building initiative, and an opportunity to advertise CHMA’s Indiegogo fundraising campaign in its final two weeks. Community members brought piles of classic vinyl and recent releases to trade, sell, or, in some cases, give.

In addition to music, attendees brought both operational and broken sound equipment to trade. Anderson was on hand offering quick diagnostic and, when possible, repair services by donation to the campaign.

CHMA hopes to respond to the community’s clear interest in the initiative by hosting similar swaps a few times a year. Although the small offices were adequate for their first swap, the station is considering a larger location, increased advertising, and potentially reaching out to Moncton record vendors. However, planning for these events is in its earliest stages.

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