What to expect from Mt. A’s newest society in winter semester

Students. begin Canadian Studies Society in winter semester

Are you a Mt. A student who is interested in Canadian Studies, or just meeting cool people? Do you wish to discuss Canadian media such as 6-Teen,  Indigenous issues and presence in Canadian society, or topics such as the changes to MAiD? Well, good news, this winter the Canadian Studies Society has officially become a club through the MASU. Run by Ainsley Skelly, a third-year Canadian Studies major, and the rest of her executive team, this club has hit the ground running.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Canadian Studies as a discipline, Skelly described it as “[t]he study of Canada. Those in Canadian Studies will gain a critical awareness of contemporary Canadian issues, through various frameworks.”  Courses in this discipline cover topics like Canadian identity, media and popular culture, democracy, and citizenship through various lenses. According to Skelly, Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary field which welcomes individuals from different areas of study to discuss Canada from their perspectives. In beginning this society, she explained, the executive team’s goal has been “[to] inspire more people to check out some Canadian Studies courses which are taught by the school’s best faculty.”

The society started with Skelly’s campaign to create a space for students with a passion for Canadian Studies to connect outside of class. In doing so, she hoped to promote the Canadian Studies department and garner student interest by hosting various activities. Previously, the Canadian Studies Society has hosted a trivia meet and greet at the Pond. Currently, they are planning more events for the remainder of the school year, including an Anne of Green Gables movie night. 

“We hope to act as a vehicle to create connection among this community,” Skelly said. To stay up to date on their events, you can join their email list by emailing [email protected] or by following them on Instagram @canstudmta

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