Zettel has preview party

Magazine celebrates upcoming release.

Literature, art and music blended together beautifully at the premiere party for Zettel Magazine last Friday night.

Zettel is a Sackville-based arts and culture magazine featuring all kinds of visual art pieces, including poetry, paintings, sculptures, and philosophical articles.

“It’s based in Sackville because we’re in Sackville,” said managing editor Emma Bass, “but the artists and writers and painters are from all over the world. We have people from Australia, Korea, New York, California, B.C. … everywhere.”

The magazine, which began last year, is run entirely by current Mount Allison Students with the exception of Kristian Gilbert, who graduated in May 2014. Gilbert,  the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Zettel, was inspired by magazines created by famous artists whose works are open to be read by the general public. He wanted a similar publication for students, especially for those who create work just for their classes and don’t show them to anyone else. Anybody, Mount Allison students or otherwise, can submit their work to be published in Zettel.

To celebrate the magazine’s second issue, Zettel Magazine staff hosted a party at the Sackville Music Hall above Ducky’s. There was a small booth where guests could talk to some of the magazine staff, buy a copy of last year’s magazine and other merchandise, and see a preview slideshow of the new issue.

The party featured music by DJ Flamenco and Oseko. While DJ Flamenco’s music mostly acted as background music as guests socialized, Oseko’s performance was far more engaging and it attracted everyone to the stage to get up close and personal with the rapper. The rhythm was solid and everyone was dancing along and having a great time. Even those who don’t like rap music could feel the spirit and energy in the room, and that energy was incredibly contagious throughout the evening.

In another corner of the room, you could look at the artwork of student-artists Alex Francheville, Ben Egli, and Liz Rudy Kent. Scattered between the artwork were motivational posters created by The Feelings Club, one of which says, “Self-care is more important than any grade. Talk to your profs.”

The party was made complete by a complimentary wine bar, and a small cash bar to provide some different drink options. An after-party at Ducky’s followed, where guests could continue to hang out in a relaxed environment and try an exclusive “Zettel” drink at the bar.


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