Graduates exhibit work on campus one last time Although the fine arts graduating students’ exhibit is an annual event, one would be mistaken to characterize it as repetitive. This year, the show features several talented soon-to-be alumni exhibiting their “swan songs,” as per the title of this iteration of the exhibit. While each piece is […]

Exhibit makes second stop in national tour, explores presence and place of objects in our lives In co-curator Jay Wilson’s words, The Closer Together Things Are “is about nearness. It started with this idea of there being slight away-ness which is something, as a designer, [he’d] always thought was really interesting.” This exhibition at the […]

START Gallery provides a jumping off point for student artists The doorway to Struts Gallery, Faucet Media Arts Centre and START Gallery, under bright yellow mouldings, stands out against the semi-industrial landscape of Lorne Street. Although it may seem out of the ordinary to find a gallery here, this place is just that: extraordinary. START’s […]

On breaking into the theatre business with Presents: the Improv founder, Michelle Hart The most difficult part of any career path isn’t deciding exactly what it is you want to do, it’s having the guts to follow through with it. Just ask Michelle Hart, who graduated from Mt. A in 2014 and has been in […]