An engaging and aimless exploration of pre-digital urban boyhood Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid90s follows Sunny Suljic’s Stevie as he careens into adolescence during a very specific period of American Culture. As his social capital grows, he engages in riskier and more toxic behaviour. We’re forced to watch, for better or worse, as he fashions […]

Complexity and pessimism meet in this year’s faculty show Directed by Shelley Liebembuk and assistant directed by Rebecca Yeo, Saint Joan of the Stockyards is undeniably bold and charismatic, an impressive feat considering the script’s parentage. Written by Bertolt Brecht, one of the 20th century’s most influential playwrights, Saint Joan embodies his esoteric dream of […]

Comics? In my English literary canon? It’s more likely than you’d think. When you imagine Mount Allison’s English department, what do you envision? Dusty old books? Looking at the courses, it’s clear this image isn’t entirely untrue. With offerings like Modernism, Contemporary Literary Theory I & II, Early Twentieth-Century British Literature, and Late & Early […]

Eternity, as it turns out, is overwhelming. Vincent van Gogh’s life was incredibly difficult. He was impoverished. Many of those who knew him feared him. He lived a transient existence, wandering the countryside of southern France, often hungry, painting what he found beautiful. He died of a gunshot wound, penniless and alone. But he also […]

A resounding celebration of not just people, but life. The first interview is harrowing. He’s just a typical looking guy, telling us how he understands love. Slowly, as his story progresses, the various complexities and paradoxes of his life emerge. The person who loves him the most is the person who he’s hurt the worst. […]

Let’s talk about the strangest musician I’ve ever encountered I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first B.A. Johnston show. My preparation consisted only of viewing the poster (a black and white flaming tiger) and my editor-in-chief’s insistence that I must go and report on what I saw. These details, though minimal, did suggest […]