Tim Burton’s fairy tale can’t draw blood, but it leaves its mark. Fairy tales can be hard to pin down. They don’t aspire to fulfill basic narrative expectations like pacing or logical character motivations: Why does the Witch want to eat Hansel and Gretel? Well, uh, because that’s what witches do, I guess. Edward Scissorhands […]

We need to talk about tasteless, dangerous aestheticization of age differences in queer cinema. Call Me by Your Name lands in a strange time in Queer cinema; the film doesn’t do anything new, innovative or very exciting. It’s potentially the first in a new wave of queer romance films. Following the groundbreaking Moonlight (2016), Carol […]

An intellectually limp, ultimately unsatisfying account of Weiner’s self-aggrandizing. I can’t help but feel like I’m not the intended audience for Weiner. This documentary is laser-focused on Anthony Weiner, who is the eye of a complex, sexually charged storm. He’s clearly an important part of the story, but is nothing compared to the swirling winds […]

A haunting, deeply terrible, no good, very bad movie that haunts me to this day. Spare yourself. I can confirm that the phrase “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” is, as Dante said, inscribed above the gates of hell. How do I know? I was there. From 7:00 p.m. until about 8:30. But he […]

It’s a shallow cash grab! Shallow! You’re tearing me apart, Franco! Following any discussion around The Disaster Artist in any way requires context. It is a dramatization of the book written by Greg Sestero that chronicles the making of The Room, a 2003 drama starring Tommy Wiseau and Sestero. The Room is, according to its […]

A heartfelt, focused documentary that articulates the struggle of the marginalized The first shot in the 2016 documentary Angry Inuk is of the arctic: it is beautiful, desolate and isolated. A hunter shoots, hooks and skins a seal. While butchering the animal, the hunter explains how each piece of the seal will be used in […]

Despite the low bar for DC, its newest flick somehow manages to be worse than you think We all wanted Justice League to be good, didn’t we? The blockbuster landscape is Marvel’s playground right now. DC possesses the only superhero characters (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) with enough pop-culture clout to possibly rival Marvel. I […]

Joss Whedon of Avengers fame grossly misreads Shakespeare in a frustrating adaptation The year was 2012. In between making Avengers flicks, Marvel’s chief creative, Joss Whedon, stole a few weeks of time to direct an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Filmed over 12 days in Whedon’s own home, the movie likely […]

NBC once had the most elegantly macabre show on  TV Hannibal is a brilliant show that was condemned to die; it had a bad time slot on an unlikely, fairly mid-tier network. That’s not a criticism of NBC – the network makes good shows, but it’s just not HBO, AMC or FX. It’s not known […]