Annual exhibition a bittersweet finale. The upper level of the Owens Art Gallery is currently filled with the best and brightest work of Mount Allison’s graduating Bachelor of Fine Arts class. The grad show exhibition is made up of pieces from each member of the class, and fully represents the diversity, ingenuity, and creativity of […]

Contemporary opera proves the genre is alive and well. In recent years, opera companies in North America have faced hard times. A number of influential companies, including Opera Boston, Baltimore Opera, and the New York City Opera have all had to shut down production due to lacking financial support and waning attendance. But though contemporary […]

‘Collections’ explores vastness of time and space. Laura Watson is a chronic collector. Her life is overflowing with found objects, like buttons, bugs, and books. She finds and salvages forgotten and isolated objects in order to understand the nature of ephemerality, and the vastness of time and space. Her current START show, simply and aptly […]

Exhibition showcases personal experience and floral symbolism. Posy Legge is something of a flower girl, as both her name and the title of her recent START show would suggest. “Flower Girl” featured a collection of paintings and drawings that explored the various social uses of flowers and their symbolic significance in Legge’s own life. The […]

Owens Art Gallery showcases the Canadian Group of Painters. For many, the term ‘Canadian art’ is more or less synonymous with the Group of Seven. The group’s famed landscape paintings have become the face of Canadian culture in the twentieth century, and are still considered to be some of the country’s most important works of […]

Milk Bar uses comedy as social commentary. The world première of Milk Bar, a brand new Canadian contemporary opera, will take place at Mount Allison University at the end of this month. The opera is composed by Prince Edward Island resident Jim O’Leary, and directed by Helen Pridmore and Paul del Motte, with orchestra conducted […]

Interpretive play leaves some viewers in the dark. Psyche is a dive into the world of mythology, where physical and psychological limited are pushed, and where love reigns supreme over logical and mortal boundaries. The piece was a student-devised production inspired by the classical myth of Psyche and Cupid. Directed by visiting Crake Fellow in […]

Baglole mixes heartache with humour. As Murmur opened, audience members were met with a sparsely furnished set, in the centre of which sat a hospital bed. A friend and fellow viewer observed that when a hospital bed is on stage, you know the show is going to be a tearjerker—either that, or it’s going to […]

Giller Prize winner exposes the amusing yet frustrating limitations of communication. Based on its curious portmanteau title, Lynn Coady’s Hellgoing could initially be mistaken for a sombre and even depressing collection of short stories, centred on the idea of individual manifestations of hell. This was my first thought when I picked up this year’s Giller […]

Sackville’s artists show off their work around town. Last Friday night, I found myself gingerly walking up a narrow stairwell that led to a stranger’s apartment. At the top of the stairs, I was met by a shrine-like collection of portraits of porcelain dolls, a carefully placed lock of human hair, and an array of […]