Without proper care and attention, concussions can leave lasting effects Concussions can cause damage to the brain that, in some cases, can last for decades after the original occurrence of trauma to the head. They consist of temporary losses of brain function that can have physical, emotional and cognitive effects. Symptoms can vary based on […]

Finding a place for sugar in a healthy and balanced diet Numerous studies have shown an association between sugar consumption and increased cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. These findings have sparked a reduction in or elimination of sugar intake in some individuals’ diets. However, not all sugar needs to be avoided. Sugar is a crystalline […]

Bell Let’s Talk Day continues to inspire discussions regarding mental health across Canada Mental health is relevant to all of us. It refers to our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and, like physical health, is an integral component of our wellbeing. The words “mental health” are often only used to refer to the one in five people […]

University social scenes promote binge drinking, according to study findings and Mt. A students Binge drinking is when someone has consumed four or five drinks in under two hours, and is a behaviour we should learn to identify in ourselves and in those around us. The harsh reality is that heavy drinking is a major […]

Excessive time spent online can negatively effect student mental health We live in a culture where it is normal to mindlessly scroll through social media feeds during times of idleness – like when we’re sitting on the toilet or waiting for toast to pop. Many of us already know that this habit does not support our […]

Sleep hygiene explained The practices and habits that give you good sleep quality and complete alertness during the day are called “sleep hygiene.” Being aware of your sleep hygiene and finding a routine that works can have positive effects on your overall quality of life. According to a 2015 study published in the Journal of […]