Sylvan Hamburger made substantial contributions to the Argosy in a number of roles There are several aspects of today’s Argosy for which readers can thank former staff member Sylvan Hamburger. Previously an illustrations editor, editor-in-chief, news reporter and contributor, Hamburger has been awarded the Crake-Sawdon Award for his substantial and varied contributions to student journalism. […]

Transitioning for Life to connect Mt. A students and disability services with wider community For some graduates, finding employment and means for independent living are more challenging than for others. Employers often emphasize strong communication skills, which can create barriers for job-seekers with social disabilities. This barrier, among others, was pointed out by Margaret Tusz-King, […]

Content warning: Article discusses topics of youth suicide and mental illness. For a significant part of her childhood, Ashley Cummings struggled with allergies. When she went to school, she would frequently develop hives, and would regularly take an over-the-counter, and sometimes, when the reactions were particularly bad, she’d leave school early. At one point in […]

Fourth-year double major in history and political science, David Taplin is the recipient of the Crake-Sawdon award in student journalism for his substantial contributions to the Argosy’s 2016-17 sports and health section. Fascinated by the interrelationships between historical events and current politics, Taplin incorporated his academic interests in history and storytelling to his involvement in […]

Starting today, Stereophonic will provide Sackville residents with a welcomed escape from the frigid reality of winter. In its 14th year, the festival’s new multimedia dimension plans to merge the music scene with the visual arts by incorporating a zine fair and short film screening to the concert program. The festival doubles as a fundraiser […]

The Open Sky Co-operative sits on an 11-acre tract of land by the Tantramar Marsh, where autumnal, straw-green fields stretch for miles until they meet clear sky on the far-off horizon. Unobstructed by tall trees or large buildings, the view from Open Sky clearly inspired the co-op’s name. Open Sky offers young adults with self-identified […]

Award-winning author Joseph Boyden returned to Mount Allison on Monday for a reading of his internationally recognized novels and upcoming work, Wenjack, which will be released this October. To a fully packed Brunton auditorium, Boyden shared stories of his youth, advice for aspiring writers and some of his deepest secrets. “My first secret to share […]