Passports at The Pond

At Mount Allison’s campus pub, The Pond, international students are required to use their passports as a form of ID.

First-year international student Franciso Sanchez said he worries about the consequences of drinking when he goes to The Pond with a passport. “I feel like I can’t drink when I go out because I might lose my passport. If I lose my passport it will be very difficult to get a new one,” he said.

The Pond requires Mt. A students to show their student ID and a government-issued ID that includes their picture and date of birth. Preventing underage drinking is a priority for The Pond’s staff.

“There are so many different types of international IDs that it is impossible for the staff to know which are legitimate and which are fake, even with adequate training,” said Andy Hebert, manager of The Pond. “In addition, the majority of international IDs are in a language staff cannot read.”

Hebert said that the consequences associated with underage student drinking could result in a large fine or temporary closure of The Pond. “By asking for a passport, we are getting a legitimate, identifiable piece of identification,” he said.

Herbert was not available for an interview this week. The information included in this article came from a written statement he provided.

Third-year international student Saurabh Kulkarni said that not every international student has Canadian ID because it is difficult to get an ID in New Brunswick while living in residence. Kulkarni, who is also the former president of the Multicultural Organization and Social Arena for International Cooperation (MOSAIC), said Mt. A residences are not considered a proper residential address.

Kulkarni has been working on finding solutions to this problem. He suggested issuing separate IDs for international students upon request, making sure The Pond accepts foreign IDs and asking for help from the MASU, which represents the entire student body.

International students can apply for a photo ID card from Service New Brunswick. This card is valid for four years and is accepted at The Pond. The photo ID is available to residents of New Brunswick for use as identification when they do not hold a valid driver’s licence.

In order to acquire the photo ID, an applicant has to present one other form of ID, which can be a study permit, work permit or foreign passport. These documents must contain the applicant’s full legal name and date of birth. Only original documents or copies certified by the issuing agency are accepted.

Applicants also need at least two documents to prove their New Brunswick residency, which can be difficult for international students. The ID card costs $48.

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