Residence Life: Paint Night

On Wednesday, March 23, Residence Life hosted an event titled ‘Paint Night’. This event started at 6:30 pm and lasted until 8 pm. Paint nights are often known for starting late in the day just as the name implies, as  at nighttime the environment is often quiet, and people have more room to concentrate on the piece of art they are working on. It also works best with students’ busy schedules. There were healthy snacks being served to students while they painted and chatted with friends. It is not often you see healthy snack options for students, especially free of cost. Like many other events, a lot of students showed up for the paint night.

All the materials needed for the paint night were provided. This is the first time in a very long time the Pond was occupied by students who were interested in painting, with alumni present as well.

Paint night is a fun way to get away from your comfort zone and hang out with your friends. Places where an event like this would occur are quiet surroundings like restaurants or bars. Since the residence paint night was done in the university bar, students were free to buy food or drinks and interact with each other.

This is a great time to conduct activities like the resident paint night, especially because the semester is coming to an end and it’s the ideal time to create memories. Friends may not have the opportunity to hang around throughout the summer, and graduates may not return to Mt. A after receiving their diplomas. Most folks will be going out and having fun while creating memories with their friends.

There are so many reasons to participate in paint nights. Paint nights are usually different from other events and activities. This is a very creative way to socialize that doesn’t include going to a club or paying a ton of money. Paint nights are relaxing and help reduce stress. After a long day filled with school activities and work, this would be a nice way to relax, calm the body or even meditate. It is a nice way to bring out your artistic side by trying to paint sunset images, images of someone you know, and even objects. Paint nights are a way to laugh and enjoy socializing with new people and making new friends. Friends get to either tease each other or encourage each other depending on what they draw.

Residence Life does a lot to assist students with academic and residence programming. They also provide general support to students on and off campus. It is also their goal to bring fun activities for students of all diverse backgrounds to come together and have a great time!

Residence Life can be contacted by email or phone calls. Their phone number is (506) 364-2255 and their email is [email protected]

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