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Access to Mental Health Services Plan

Vice-President Academic Affairs Mary Emma MacNeil has outlined a logistics plan draft to give students access to transportation to and from Moncton for mental health services. The deadline for implementing this service is March 17, 2017.

Evaluation of Fall Reading Week

Academic Affairs, through an ad hoc committee, is in the process of creating a final report about the results of the implementation of a fall reading week. Information for the report will include input from faculty through Faculty Council discussion and from students via surveys.

Vigil on Sunday, Feb. 12

Following the recent shooting at a Quebec City mosque, among other recent acts of racism and discrimination, Mount Allison and the Town of Sackville are coordinating a vigil to be held at the University Chapel on Feb. 12 at 6 p.m.. The vigil is to act as a commitment towards mutual respect, peace, welcoming people from around the world regardless of faith, and standing in solidarity with all those suffering from discriminatory policies and racism.

New System for Collection of Residence House Fees

Instead of the current house fees collection procedure, which is done as students move into residence, these costs will now be included in university fees. Mt. A will then send a cheque to every residence with the total amount of collected  fees.

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