Discussion Corner: “How do you feel about the distribution credit system?”

Members of the Mount Allison community share their thoughts on this week’s topic

Lou Van Aardt

“For transferring students (like me and my roommate), some of the credits we took previously didn’t count towards distribution and we ended up needing to take extra courses to make up for Mt. A’s distribution requirements, and since they were outside our fields, and we didn’t enjoy or understand them, they ended up bringing our overall GPA down. I’m an English major because I’m good at it and love it; taking GENV courses for distribution was just a hindrance, stress, and annoying.”

Lilian Dart

“I am so happy Mt. A enforces taking a wide range of classes. Although I haven’t enjoyed some of the classes, I feel I am going to graduate with a broader world view than my friends at other universities. I actually ended up minoring in one of the disciplines I took a distribution class in. I wouldn’t have found this class without the distribution system.”

Hannah Tuck

“The idea behind them is great, but I can’t say I’m not a little jealous of the music and fine arts students not having to do them.”

MacKenzie Gordon

“It can be hard to include them into your schedule of other mandatory classes, but I love that it encourages a change in perspective and opens up cross-disciplinary thinking.”

Jasmin Anderson

“It’s incredibly hard to take a course I’m interested in because of my schedule. I end up having to take courses I do not enjoy.”


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