Letter to the Editor: Joanna Perkin

After reading in The Argosy this week that the Satellite houses would be closed, I was shocked, not only that the university is closing any residences, but such beautiful ones. Although I do not live in a satellite house, when I applied last year for Anchorage and Bermuda Houses, I was not placed in either. Bermuda House, although newly renovated, had been closed for the year, and Anchorage House, as it was explained to me, was mainly for returning students, and as a first year, I would probably not enjoy it. Most of the rooms in Anchorage had already been taken, and there was only a spot for a few males left; as the university explained to me, they wanted to have an even number of boys and girls in the house.

Having said all of this, I don’t think that the problem is that the satellite houses are unpopular; I simply don’t think that the university advertises them enough. Being in my first year, I remember taking the time to find the right residence for me. Although I am from Sackville originally, I did not even know that the satellite houses existed as residences until a student told me so. Potential students are not shown the satellite houses on tours, and they are not advertised very well. Before shutting these residences down, I think that the university should put more effort into trying to advertise these residences for anyone, particularly frosh or upper year transfer students, or even students who do not want to stay in residence, but cannot find an apartment or suitable roommates. I truly think that these houses could be valuable and popular houses if they were shown in the right light and if the university showed its students and potential students its true values.

Again, although I do not live in a satellite house, I did at one point want to. I have found a great residence on campus (Edwards House) that I truly enjoy living in. But I think that it is only fair to the residents of the satellite houses, and to the people that do not enjoy living in bigger residences, to keep these houses open.


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