Letter to the Editor: In response to Natalie Brunet

First and foremost, I love opening The Argosy and seeing people talk about the SAC, it is few and far between that people take notice and get vocal. Secondly, I want to make very clear that the opinions expressed within this article are mine personally as a student, and do not reflect the opinions of Council. In the most recent edition of The Argosy, a letter to the editor was written ridiculing the SAC for the decision to change Council. This letter is not to contest that opinion, as written in a different article by Richard Kent, some Councillors were against the change too. Instead, this article is to contest some of the statements made within the article. With reference made to focus groups, student opinions, and even a referendum it is clear that Ms. Brunet feels like what Council did was improper and ill-advised. The fact of the matter is, it is the job of Council to enact these changes for its benefit, Councillors were elected to make these decisions because in being a part of the system, Councillors know what reworkings will allow for a more functional Council. What was done was exactly what Council is tasked to do, exactly what Council was elected to do, and it did not come from out of the ether. Council had a committee working on this practically since September. Another point brought up was the reduction of Off-Campus Councillors to six. If that number seems low, it is equal to the amount of On-Campus councillors, just like it is now (nine and nine). Finally what I found the most jarring and could not let go uncorrected is the closing statement about voting down SAC quorum. That was not quorum for the SAC to get together and pass laws, that was quorum for students to assemble and overthrow the governing body should they be acting against student interest. What was voted down, was the ability to kick Council out, and take control, but don’t worry. The question will be back this election, because Council wants students to have that power, after all, it’s in our best interest.

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